We have our own wine box in the cellar.


The reason is that we are relatively small compared to large wineries, so our stock can be limited. We have occasionally run out of certain wines when an unexpected, large order came in. So we have set aside a few bottles to make sure that the favourites always grace our dinner table.


In recent years several guests have asked us to store wine for them. That is why we build custom-made, dedicated wine boxes carefully stored in our “home environment” at controlled temperatures. As an old saying goes: you don’t take wine home, but you should go to the wine. It’s best drunk where it was born.


There is rarely room for wine storage in a modern, functional home, and that could be detrimental to the quality of your wine. So we propose that you visit us several times a year with your family, open your box, and sip some wine while you enjoy the wonderful vista of the Szent György hill.


A wine box is available to private persons and companies for rent. In the latter case, wine tasting can be a good occasion for team-building.


Annual rent, small box: HUF 250,000*,

of which HUF 200,000* is the value of the wines.

Annual rent, large box: HUF 500,000*,

of which HUF 400,000* is the value of the wines available in any season.


* (the prices do not contain VAT)